Purpose of study

Our aim in this subject is to enrich and nurture the students with various Islamic morals found in the traditions of the Holy Prophet Mohammed SAW (e.g. respect for parents and elders etc.) Particular emphasis is given to tolerant nature of the Prophet (PBUH)'s teachings towards non-Muslim communities in Madinah, notably his peace treaties with the Jews and Pagan Arabs.

Topics are relevant to young Muslims growing up in the West and particular attention is paid to the advantages and benefits of Islamic morals in the life of the individual as well as society at large.

Comparative studies with value systems of other cultures are also an aim of the subject.

Schemes of Work 2019/2020

Year 7

Term 1 - 6

Year 8

Term 1

Year 9

Term 1

Term 2

Year 10

Year 11

Term 1

Term 2

Pupils' Work


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