Tafseer (Translation/explanation of the Holy Qur'aan).

The aim of this subject is to bring the students closer to the Kalaam (word) of Allah and its guidance and message. It is to help the students learn and understand the word of Allah SWT and to appreciate the Holy Qur'an as Allah's final revealed message to mankind.

Selected verses expounding high morals are taught using the popular Iqra 'Teachings of the Qur'an' series.

Pupils are emphasised to refer to authentic and reputable Tafseers (commentaries) of the Holy Qur'an ensuring verses are viewed and understood in their right context thereby avoiding the dangers of developing extremist ideology.

The Holy Qur'aan is the foundation of our curriculum since it governs Muslims in all walks of life.

Schemes of Work 2019/2020

Year 7

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Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 10

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