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Purpose of study

Aqaa’id refers to the belief system which forms the most fundamental principle of Islam & concerns the core beliefs - in respect to Allah SWT, prophethood & the unseen - identified from the Qur’an & sound Ahadith. The purpose of Aqaa’id is to help students understand & appreciate the basic & essential articles of Iman as emphasised by the Prophet SAW in the hadith of Jibreel AS: namely, belief in Allah, His angels, books, messengers, the last day and good and bad fate. Studying Aqaa’id allows students to reflect on & develop their awareness of how core Islamic beliefs are a direct way to connect to Allah SWT & shape one’s life according to the guidance of Islam as per the Qur’an and the life/legacy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


We aim to ensure that, within Islamic History lessons, all students:

  • Understand the importance of belief in the fundamental aspects of Islam
  • Learn & understand the core beliefs relating to the five pillars, Iman-e-Mujmal & Iman-e-Mufassal
  • Appreciate the significance of the Qur’an & Ahadith as sources of the core Islamic beliefs
  • Develop a close spiritual connection to Allah SWT through the study of Aqaaid
  • Appreciate Aqaa’id as a foundation for worship, obedience & obligation to Allah SWT

Curriculum Intent & Plans

Curriculum Intent

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