Arts, Crafts & Food Technology


Purpose of study

In Arts and Crafts pupils will build on skills, techniques, knowledge and understanding. They will be encouraged to refine their work and challenge themselves creatively .Arts stimulates creativity and imagination which provides visual and sensory experiences, a unique way of understanding and responding to the world.

Pupils now studying three Topics of Areas:



Food Technology

With each topics exploring Indian and Chinese Themes, using techniques and ideas through independent study, group work, discussions, practical tasks and also new challenge of developing their own work.


Arts Departments hopes to encourage pupils to respond personally to their environment and express ideas/thoughts..

Aims to provide opportunities:

  • Undertake a balanced topic of activities
  • To work individually or as a class discussions
  • Evaluate their own and others work
  • To learn and gain skills using appropriate vocabulary
  • Developing an understanding of historical and cultural aspects
  • Demonstrate their ability and creative powers through a series of practical units
  • Understand the characteristic of ingredients to achieve a varied diet
  • Emphasise on safe and hygiene
  • Allow pupils to achieve their potential and stimulate an interest in their diet and health
  • Exposed to a range of practical skills, equipment, techniques and recipes

Key Stage 3

Subject content pupils should be taught to:

Year 7 pupil currently worked on foundation unit focusing on texture tone, pattern and colour. Introduced to a wide range of activities:

  • Learn primary and secondary colours
  • Looking at Artist works
  • Clay work/Mosaics
  • Cross-stitching/ sewing
  • Chinese Lantern making
  • Chinese Letter painting
  • Using and recognizing utensils in cooking
  • Food preparation skills
  • No bake recipes
  • Simple soup recipes

Year 8 pupils concentrate and develop skills in both practical and creative activities:

  • Cut-out Artworks
  • Frame designing
  • Arabic writing using glass painting
  • Learning Chinese Culture/designs
  • Chinese coin purse making
  • Introduce to simple recipes
  • Pastry making : recipes for sweet/savoury
  • Making biscuit dough
  • Sewing techniques
  • Canvas painting
  • African Art and Customs

Year 9 pupils had an opportunity to create and develop upon their knowledge whilst also being aware of other cultural:

  • Cross-stitching/sewing
  • Design and paint on fabric
  • Canvas painting using various types of paints
  • How to use sewing machine and functions
  • Explored food from other cultures
  • Different methods of cooking
  • Chinese and Indian cooking
  • Practice Chinese chopsticks
  • Chapatti making and rolling
  • Smoothie Making

Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11

Pupils have an opportunity to gain a vocational qualification, Pearson BTEC Level 1 and 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills.

Objective of the qualifications

The Pearson BTEC Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills have been developed to give learners the opportunity to develop:

  • The knowledge, understanding and confidence to cook meals at home.
  • An understanding of how to economise when planning a meal.
  • An ability to transfer skills learned to different recipes.
  • An ability to inspire others by transferring that knowledge.

Pearson BTEC Level 1 and 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills.


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