Classical Civilisation


What is Classical Civilisation?

GCSE Classical Civilisation focuses on the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome, and is a wide ranging subject involving the study of literature, art, artefacts, archaeological sites, and the ancient historical context.

From women in the ancient world, to the study of religious beliefs and ancient ideas about war, Classical Civilisation involves interesting discussions about things that are still relevant today.

Classical Civilisation is an advanced GCSE for students who enjoy subjects such as History and English, and allows them to combine their interests, whilst studying two of the most fascinating civilisations of the Western World.

Classical Civilisation is a useful and relevant humanities subject similar to History, Geography and Religious Studies. Subjects like this develop pupil’s skills such as essay writing and source analysis, and teach them how to structure a good argument. They show that pupils are good at thinking and evaluating, and also that they have an interest in people and cultures.

If pupils are planning to go on to sixth form, then Classical Civilisation GCSE is great preparation for A Levels in a wide variety of subjects, from History to Politics to Law. Classical Civilisation is also now widely offered as an A Level subject.

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