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Pastoral Care & Welfare Support

In order to create an outstanding climate for learning, it is important for us at AASG that our pupils feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom.

We have therefore set a pastoral system in place which we believe will provide the support and guidance that students need to help and guide them through any issues that may be affecting their progress.

Pupils are assigned Form Tutors who they can meet or email if they have a problem which concerns their learning. The Form Tutors stay with them as they progress through the school year, building a positive relationship.

Pupils are also supported by a designated Pastoral Care & Pupil Welfare Lead. Training through the GHLL, our designated Pastoral Lead is able to support students in a number of ways depending on the individual’s needs and difficulties. These can include providing emotional support, liaising between pupils and teachers and offering check-ins to discuss possible mental health trigger points. Working on a self-referral system, the Pastoral Lead holds a drop-in twice a week on Monday and Friday lunchtimes within the school. She is readily available via email and appointments can also be made at other times.

Everything discussed during Pastoral Care meetings is completely confidential, meaning that information is not disclosed to staff, family members or other students. There are rare occasions when the Pastoral Lead may need to disclose confidential information to others; this is when there might be a threat of harm to a student or others.

Our Citizenship curriculum includes PSHE lessons. These are used to focus on developing pupils’ resilience to the threat of sexual grooming, internet safety, developing general self-esteem and confidence and ability to learn. Similarly, we use the curriculum to address many of the issues related to mental health. The school gives particular focus to issues impacting upon teenage girls which they are sometimes unwilling to speak up about. The PSHE lessons are also used to explore sensitive topics without making the discussion personal to particular pupils. The topics include sex and relationship education, self-harm, bereavement, anxiety and the expectations placed upon pupils. PSHE lessons encourage conversation and the sharing of different perspectives.

Our system of inclusive pastoral care has been carefully designed in order for us to know each pupil individually. Al-Ashraf Secondary School supports students and parents, to ensure each individual child is able to work to their full potential in a safe environment. If a student is experiencing any academic, personal or emotional difficulties, members of staff are happy to offer guidance and support. Students are encouraged to take up this service and parents are also encouraged to contact the school if they have any concerns as it is vital that a two way dialogue between school and home is maintained to ensure any issues students may have are successfully resolved.

Sabina Ali is our Pastoral Care & Pupil Welfare Lead.

She is available via email: sali @

Alternatively, a dedicated 'Confidential Pastoral Care' box is available on the stairway's landing leading up to the first floor. Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

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