Pupils' Work

Year 8 Balanced Diet

Year 8 have been studying the topic "Organisms". They have learnt about the different food groups and why they are important. They have then designed a and made a meal, colour coding the seven food groups. They then went on to justify their choices.

Scrub Up On Science Competition

We are going to be starting a project to enter into the royal society of chemistry's Scrub Up On Science competition. It is about the chemistry of cosmetics. it will involve the students doing some research, experiments and product development for a type of cosmetics. We are currently looking at soap, lip balm and bath bombs. The next step in the project will be to make a presentation about the students learning and conclusions. This will involve taking some pictures of the students taking part in experiments and research.

British Science Week 2020

Our Diverse Planet Poster competition

Year 9 Samoosas

Year 9 making and frying Samoosas and skill of pastry folding.

Year 8 Making Biscuits

Year 8 making biscuits and decorating with fondant

Year 10 Food Tech

Making Arabic dough from scratch and using it to make homemade pizza and filled buns.

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