School Fees

The School Fees for the Academic Year 2019 / 2020 are as follows:

Term 1 Term 2 Total
Eldest Child £715.00 £715.00 £1,430.00
Year 10 Child £900.00 £850.00 £1,750.00
Year 11 Child £1,100.00 £1,100.00 £2,200.00

Third Child 25% Discount only at the Al-Ashraf Secondary School.

There are three ways of paying the school fees:

1. By Monthly Standing Order:

You may complete the standing order form, which can be obtained from the school office and arrange for payment to be made on a monthly basis over 8 months straight from your bank account.

2. One Single Payment for Whole Annual Fee:

This must be paid before the end of September in the new term.

3. Payment in 2 Instalments:

First half of annual fee must be paid in September.

Second half must be paid in January.

All payments must be paid by the end of April.

Regular and prompt payments must be made of School Fees which includes the annual Ofsted Inspection Fees.

The school should be notified immediately if Fees cannot be paid on time or in the event of legitimate Shar'ee reasons, parents may apply for arrangements to be made from the Zakaat Fund.

In the event of not notifying the school and ignoring two written School Fee reminders, the governing body will have the right to enforce permanent exclusion.

Regardless of any holidays taken by the students all fees must still be paid in full.

Exam Fees:

The majority of GCSE Exam fees are included in the Year 11’s School Fees. Pupils who wish to be entered for additional exams not included in school fees will be charged separately at the time of making entries or shortly after school is invoiced. Usually these may be for the extra GCSE Triple Science exam or ICT Functional Skills test.

Ofsted Fees:

Each year there will be a small charge towards Ofsted Inspection fees. The invoice is divided equally amongst all pupils on the school roll.

Curriculum Enrichment Week/Citizenship Day:

As from September 2016, the school introduced a mandatory curriculum Enrichment Week & Citizenship Day. Parents are expected to pay towards the costs of activities.

Other costs:

Pupils may be expected to contribute towards other small costs during the school year such as educational visits, homework diaries, locker keys, etc.

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