Al-Madani Educational Trust
Y Patel Chair of Trustees for AMET

Head Teacher

A Patel

Deputy Head & DSL

F Ismail

Senior Leadership Team

A Patel
F Ismail
A Pathan
S Ali

Islamiat Coordinators

M Ismail
J Patel


M B Ginwalla
S Ismail

Risk Assessment Officer

S Veshmia

Pastoral Care & Pupil Welfare Lead

S Ali

Careers Officer

S Ali

Citizenship, PSHE & RSE Lead

S Ali

Mentor for Islamiat/New staff

A Pathan

Teaching Staff

A Pathan Teacher of English KS3 & History KS3 & GCSE
S Norman Teacher of English KS3 & GCSE
F Anez Teacher of Maths KS3 & GCSE & ICT KS3
M Ouiles Teacher of Maths KS3
A Gray Teacher of Science KS3
M Potts Teacher of Science GCSE
S Nana Teacher of Geography KS3
S Ali Teacher of Citizenship KS3 & KS4
U-K Patel Teacher of Business Studies & Islaamiat
A Mayat Teacher of Arts & Crafts
H Patel Teacher of Urdu KS3 & GCSE
F Qureshi Teacher of Urdu KS3
T Patel Teacher of Islamiat
T Patel Teacher of Religious Studies GCSE
J Patel Teacher of Religious Studies GCSE & Islaamiat
S Patel Teacher of PE
H Hansdot Teacher of Food Technology
F Patel Teacher of Islamiat
S Kadodia Teacher of Islamiat
M Ismail Teacher of Islamiat
S Garda Teacher of Islamiat
H Veshmia Teacher of Islamiat
K Patel Teacher of RE & Islamiat

Other Staff

N Pandor Lunchtime Supervisor
A Patel Tuck Shop


S Vaid Chair of Governors
A Jadwat Community Governor
A AH Patel Parent Governor
Z Jeewa Community Governor
K Saddiq Community Governor
K Ismail Community Governor
A Pandor Community Governor
S Hassanjee Community Governor
I Patel Community Governor

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